Tuesday, 28 October 2014

For All The Perverts Out There...

I am going to keep this short.
I am the administrator of this blog- which means I get to choose the comments worth publishing. Why should I have to monitor the comments? Well that’s because it is more of a necessity than an ego trip.
For every comment published there are at least six that get deleted. Why? Because for some reason, most of the people seeking out blogs on child free couples happen to believe that we are a community of the ‘sex crazed’! The comments range from the more ‘tame’ queries on our ‘favorite’ contraception methods (grow up fellas!)  to the absolutely outrageously (and often incorrectly)worded, invitations to the ‘swingers’ clubs’.
There are others who suggest that CFC’s should be ‘castrated’ (there are graphic descriptions offered) and that their jobs should be given away to others more deserving (read non CFCs) . Many ridicule the IQ level of the authors with extremely unkind, obscene and bitter words.
Then there are the more persistent ones who target women- suggesting they are lazy, selfish and should buy certain vegetables  for their ‘needs’ instead of getting married. Some comments  start out with promise before quickly succumbing to the writer’s perversion. The content of the comments remains consistently  sexual and  hostile.
Gosh!We are normal folks, guys- it is YOU who are the perverts!
 Polite/impolite reasoning with you  is not going to work so instead- here is a short message- You can visit this blog all you want and dump as much garbage as you possibly can, but you will NEVER have the satisfaction of having your comments published. So why not save some time and not bother??!


  1. Thank you for taking care of this unpleasant task!

  2. Thanx a lot for maintaining the reverence of this platform by blocking hideous comments.

  3. Hello,
    I am a journalist working with a leading national daily. I am doing a story on childfree couples in India and was hoping to get in touch with people who are willing to share their experiences on record.
    You can get in touch with me here: atisha.jain92@gmail.com

  4. I am myself not very keen on having a child and often wondered as to why indian matrimony websites don't change with time and capture an individual's choice of being/not being a parent. I have faced lot of flak from girls to the extent of me feeling as an outcast, when I shared with them my inclination to be child-free after marriage. My hunt for a life partner is still on. Would anybody on this website know a possible way of bumping into like-minded unmarried people?