Tuesday, 26 April 2016

A Peek Into Censorship

We know we said previously that we will censor all comments that this blog regularly receives as they often tend to be hostile and obscene. But we realize now that this may not be completely wise. We, as Suchismita Dasgupta  said (amritaspeaks.com/tag/indian-woman-childfree-by-choice/) , after all are the new gay!! So why not also chronicle the reactions of those opposed?
Alas most of the gems were deleted in disgusted haste. Just very few managed to escape our notice and are being presented here to provide some entertainment and an insight into what kind of junk we routinely deal with. To authors whose names appear in the comments, please don't mind- or if you do please write in on childfreebychoiceindia@gmail.com and we will promptly remove the offending comment.
Have fun!

Wow..it surprises me when a bunch of sex crazy lazy bums feel proud and consider themselves to be of an elite league by being childless..Most of you are what you are because you are into cuckolding,partner swapping,group sex orgies and/or have impotent partners. on Childless by Divine Protection! By Kim Menier

on 03/04/16

You became mental because you indulged in too much sexual orgy.you felt your sexual orgies will be affected by having a child.shame on you on Childfree by Choice- Indrani Mukherjee ((Published in Tehelka Magazine, Volume 12 Issue 40, Dated 3 October 2015)) 
Ravi Banerjee
on 01/04/16
so you want to marry just for sex.shame on you..I think you are impotent.You are trying to hide the fact by proclaiming you want to be child free. on Being CFC- A Man's Perspective - Abhishek Purohit
on 08/07/15

Most of CFC couples here are big time into swinging and cuckolding.hope you guys dont get ebola,aids,gonorrohea and syphilis on Though I am all for childfree life, at times it scares me ....
on 20/11/14

Ravi Raj
on 09/11/14

I am doing a social service for child free couples.Hi, I am Sandeep, hot, handsome, 6 feet height, athletic body with fat long cock. I am looking for girls/ladies for all kinds of sex funs. I can indulge in all kind of sex funs that females like and you will feel the orgasm that you never had in your life. Bi-sexual guys/gay/homos please stay away, dont waste your time. Contact me on 8050380357, or just mail me on rahulmj03 at gmail Thanks on Though I am all for childfree life, at times it scares me ....
on 01/11/14
The fact is female who opt for a CFC lifestyles are lazy immoral and loose character females.they should buy carrot ,radish or better drum stick than getting married on To The Women Who Choose Not To Have Kids- Abby Rosmarin
on 21/09/14
You should have really married a dog to live such a doggy life. You think she is a great intellectual but in reality her intellectual level is same as the polka 'dog' on When you get asked the same question again and again and again…..
on 08/09/14
CFC couples should be castrated with hot iron rod so that they never get the feeling to have sex.CFC couples should be fired from their jobs and they should not be allowed to own any land on To The Women Who Choose Not To Have Kids- Abby Rosmarin
on 23/08/14
I want to know what is the favorite birth control technique used by CFC couples on The Curious Case Of Vimalsha


  1. Why do you people marry.?.Please create a revolution by doing live-in relationships.What after you marry your husband wants a baby, but you dont.?Will you divorce him or get a baby


    1. :-) just had to publish your comment as it seemed that you are genuinely struggling to understand the CFC community. But then have a question of our own. .. Why do 'you people' marry? Only so you can have children? Try answering this and you will find an answer to your question!

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  3. Hi anu, its nice to find someone lifting up this topic from grave as i tried shading some light on it few years back and horribly failed due to lack of awareness. Its great to see ppl like you writing about it. Can you plz guide me to any larger forum for cfc individuals from india, if there is any? I will be thankful, regards.

    1. Hey, sorry about the late response! There are blogs tackling this issue but we aren't sure of any formal forums. When this blog was started there was still a lot of taboo around the topic. Not all that much any more. It is no longer uncommon to meet people who are comfortable being CFC and are happily unfazed by societal expectations.